produced water conference committee​

Steve Coffee (Technical-Chair)


Suhur Saeed

Water Management Lead

Jenny Lawler

Senior Research Director

James Banister

Expert on Sand and Solids

Young Chul Choi

Consultant Scientist with R&DC

Syed A. Ahmed

Senior Process Engineer

Hamid Samouei

R&D Chemist

Arian Edalat


Bassam Tawabini

Associate Professor

Hatem Bajuaifer

Sr. Process Engineer

Mohammed AlQurayshah

Director of Marketing & Development

Peggy Lane

Former Seperation & Sand SME

Murtadha AlSalman

Dr. Walid Labaky

PW Global Sales

Fahad Al Abri

Energy & Water Policy Advisor

Rajendra Ghimire

Water, Energy Expansion & Sustainability Consultant