industrial water abstracts​


  • Electromagnetic Fusion System for Hazardous wastewater treatment
  • Recent technologies in remediation of oily produced water
  • Integrated techniques for ultra-treating wastewater
  • Biological treatment of oily produced water
  • Produced water utilization
  • AI applications in industrial wastewater and data management.
  • Online detection & pollutant monitoring
  • Biological Treatment Nitrification Balancing: Ammonias, Nitrites & Nitrates
  • Aeration Oxidation Foaming: Causes and Controlling
  • Sludge Digestion and Related Solids Management
  • Process Control Analytics and Microbiological Monitoring for Treatment Plant Efficiency
  • Scaling and Corrosion Occurrences in Treatment Plant Operations
  • Basics of Maintaining Mechanical and Biological Step-Stage Treatment Plants
  • Effluent Discharge Problems and Resolving Strategies
  • Toxic Material Treatment Approaches
  • Basics of Biological Treatment
  • Principles of Solids and Sludge Management
  • Basics of Mechanical Based Treatment
  • Recognizing and Resolving Treatment Plant Upsets
  • Mass Balancing of Treatment Plant Processes thru Laboratory Data
  • Membrane Filter Applications- Basics and Maintenance
  • Advanced Wastewater Process Control
  • Fats, Oils & Grease Treatment
  • Domestic Sewage and Industrial Wastewater: Can They Be Treated Together?

abstracts submission​

  • Abstract should have clear title of the presentation.
  • Abstract should be within 500 words with clear objective and conclusion of the presentation.
  • Photo of the presenter and brief bio in 150 words and logo of the company.
  • Authors details including exact name, job title, email and contact details.
  • Presentation for the conference will be selected from the abstract submitted to the conference committee.
  • The early submission is particularly important to allow the committee members to review the abstract submitted.
  • The presenters will be communicated accordingly upon receiving abstracts and approval from the committee.